Gin as a feminist drink

Honestly, I mostly love the taste.  But I do feel quite a political passion for gin too.  It’s the connotations for me – the 18th century panic about gin (beautifully illustrated in these Hogarth paintings largely focussed on the way that gin would make women terrible mothers with loose morals.  Then it was part of the desperate history of pre-legal abortions (  Buying any sort of alcohol was pretty much a man’s game, but it must have seemed very eye-brow raising for a woman to be buying gin with such strong connotations of illegality and immorality.

I am hugely privileged by my position in history and today’s world, to not even consider gin as a way to blur poverty or as any kind of desperate contraceptive.  But sitting pretty on my bar stool, with a gin menu in front of me, seems like such a reminder of how far feminism has come.

Or maybe just an excuse for one more G&T.  Cheers!