Number 10 support for International Women’s Day

Today, @Number10gov tweeted how much they support International Women’s Day:
From access to justice & healthcare to empowering women in business, the UK gov’t is helping women across the globe #IWD…

And yet…

Empowering women?  This is from the government that is made up of just one sixth female ministers. The government who called on a female MP to “calm down dear”.  The government who has seen the number of women in senior civil service posts decline so much that women are nearly invisible.  The government who has seen an increasing pay-gap between men and women.

Better access to justice?  This is from a government who oversaw the Sapphire Unit – the unit who encouraged rape victims to drop their complaints.  A Justice Secretary who distinguishes between “real rape” and something else that’s not quite rape EXCEPT IT IS.  A government that has removed legal aid from women looking to leave abusive relationships.  A government who couldn’t find a single female candidate to nominate to the supreme court.

Better access to healthcare?  From a government who allowed Nadine Dorries’ bill to severely restrict women’s rights to independent counselling and access to abortion services.   A government that remains committed to reviewing the time-limit on abortions.

To do all this and then add a bland tweet trying to claim support for women is like rubbing salt in a wound.  Don’t try and pretend anything else.  David Cameron, Number 10, and this government are anti-women.