Wimmin! Know your place!

This post is titled “Wimmin! Know your place!” – a title which I have directly copied from today’s Independent. Not the Daily Mail, The Independent.

This newspaper has today broken the “story” (note my use of quotes here) that a special interest group is to hold an exclusive meeting at the Labour Party Conference.

Yes, you guessed it, there is going to be a meeting where women will actually get to speak.

In an ideal world, women wouldn’t need to have special meetings to have their voice heard. But we have a world where women are told during PMQs to “calm down dear”. We have a world where the most well-known woman in politics is the speakers WIFE. We have a world where women are hugely under-represented in parliament. Did you hear a woman’s name put forward in the leadership debates – either by a party or by anyone in the media? Thought not, neither did I.

So here’s the deal. When we live in a world where a woman has any chance of having her voice heard during a party conference, we won’t need to create special interest groups.

But while women’s interests are still taken to be a ‘special interest’ rather than a political interest, while women are still outnumbered hugely in Parliament (something the Labour party are doing better at than any other party by the way – could that be because they actually have a platform women are allowed to speak on?), and until women achieve political equality, meetings like this are needed.

And to the Independent – do Wimmin know their place?  We know we deserve to be up there on the main stage, on the front bench.  But we’re not.  So how about writing articles that will help us get to our place, rather than putting us in it?


One Comment on “Wimmin! Know your place!”

  1. Mandy Mitchell says:

    I picked this up in the Sunday Independant, and felt just the same way. Well expressed.

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