What superinjunctions say about women

I have lots of problems with superinjunctions. The idea that the wealthy can buy their own justice and issues of press freedom aren’t what I’m talking about today though.

Today, I’m mostly angry about just what superinjunctions say about attitudes towards women. Yet again, we have a case of a wealthy married man seeking to protect himself by gagging an ex.

I’m not saying kiss and tell is particularly honourable, I’m not trying to justify it as a career choice. But the law is stating over and over again that wealthy men get to play with women like toys. When the man gets bored and discards his toy, he has a legal right to expect it to stay in whichever dark corner it’s thrown. The man gets to walk away without consequences, and these stupid women should just shut up.

And this is a legal judgement that has been repeated over and over again over the last months.

I don’t think it’s fair to make money from other people’s misery. But these stories aren’t honey traps where a drunk mistake threatens to destabilise everything. These are full-blown affairs with months of deception to families – and probably to the gagged women too. There’s a reason ‘my wife doesn’t understand me’ has become a cliche, and whether through hopefulness or naivete it keeps being believed.  And yet these men get the courts to protect their families and privacy.  Here’s a tip – if you know the damage an affair will cause, DON’T HAVE AN AFFAIR.

I’m sure there’s a financial benefit to these women wanting to tell their story. But I’m sure there’s an element of revenge too.  Why shouldn’t these women get to humiliate the person who done them wrong?  Why should they have to see reports about what great family men these are when they know different?  I’m not trying to argue that every scorned women deserves justice – but it’s also not justice to gag them.

I can just imagine the conversation that the wealthy male defendant has with the wealthy male judge.  That this stupid woman is just a gold-digger, she doesn’t know when to keep her mouth shut, and really, she’s just being hysterical.

Whatever we think about having media outlets that run on petty scandal, these superinjunctions feed in to all the worst stereotypes of relationship roles – that men get to pick up and discard women on their own whims, and woe-betide any woman that dares to stand up for herself.  And that’s what’s made me so very angry about them.


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